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The over-use of harsh agricultural chemicals and synthetic fertilisers is one of the biggest issues of 21st century agriculture. Their excessive use kills micro organisms and insects, and makes the soil unproductive and unsustainable in climate extremes.

Soil is not longer able to heal itself. Chemical run-off leaches into our water-ways, and CO2 is not successfully captured by the soil and plants.


Our revolutionary new approach to agriculture will solve many of these environmental issues. 

Its 100% organic and safe for people, pets and nature.

  • bring your soil back to life with insects, worms, fungi and micro-organisms
  • use less water
  • reduce, or even eliminate chemical use
  • bring taste and nutrition back to your fruit and vegetables
  • give your plants all they need for optimum growth and resistance to pests and disease
  • restore chemically damaged soil to premium health

I am a landscape architect based in the NSW Southern Highlands. I used Key 2 Soil Amliorant in my veggie garden, and was impressed to see that I did not lose any of my seedlings. This is unusual for my cold climate especially at this time of year. All survived and appeared healthy, but the garden was destroyed by feral deer, so I can’t comment on any yields.

I also added product around my hyacinth bulbs. I haven’t seen such a deep colour or such prolific flowering before. I will follow this product with interest.

Anna – Landscape Architect, Southern Highlands NSW

I have been a keen gardener all my life and come from a strong farming background in Europe. I added the Key 2 powder to an orange tree in a pot and noticed it had a lot of new growth, and flowered very quickly. I also noticed more bees in the flowers than I would normally see.

My old passionfruit vine also started to flower in just a few weeks. That was very unusual for late autumn.

Karl – home gardener, Dural NSW

I am currently using this product throughout my entire commercial flower farm. Not only am I saving water, but the plants are more vigorous in growth, and the flower stems are stronger.

I’m also getting my flowers to market earlier than my competitors and the plans are flowering for a longer time.

Bill – Commercial cut flower grower, Central Coast, NSW

I am a professional horticulturist, based in the Southern Highlands of NSW. I trained in the UK and have spent much time tending to show gardens and preparing plants for exhibition at prestigious events such as the Chelsea Flower Show.

I have been using this product for about 18 months and have seen a dramatic improvement in soil structure, water holding and biological activity. I will continue to use this product into the future.

Grant – Horticulturist, Southern Highlands, NSW

I grew up on a farm and have been an avid gardener all my life. After a life-time of using many different NPK fertilisers, it was difficult to convince me there was a better way. Apart from occasionally assign some manure to my compost, I haven’t used a spray or fertiliser for 2 years. I’m also watering less, even in hot weather and drought.

I’m now completely converted.

Don – Home gardener, Arcadia, NSW


This product is not a fertiliser, it’s a soil regenerator, so the ways you can use it are endless.

The most common way is to sprinkle it onto the soil surface, or around pots, scratch it in and water, but it doesn’t end there.


Here are some examples of how our growers are using it.

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All our products have been thoroughly tested and researched by some of the leading universities, laboratories, scientists and large-scale commercial growers in the world

Are you a commercial grower or plant society?

This product is being used by a wide range of commercial growers to help them improve the health and yields of their crops, and to save water.

We also have a financial incentive scheme available for plant societies where both the society and club members benefit.

Contact us to find out how what we can do to help.

The regenerative farming movement is world-wide!

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