The smallest molecules of Key 2 are used by the plant straight away. The plants use these microscopic substances by either absorbing them through the leaves or taking them in through the roots. They stimulate the plants natural growth triggers, giving the plant an instant boost.

Next up, the enormous array of trace elements and minerals contained in the Key 2, feed all the living organisms essential to soil health. These include beneficial soil fungi, an endless array of microscopic organisms, beetles, bugs, earthworms and many others.

It’s just like feeding fish in a fishpond. These organisms will arrive almost immediately and continue to increase in the following weeks and months.

Finally, there’s the carbon. Organic carbon is critical for soil health as it is one of the key components for building soil structure. Good soil structure provides a stable base for roots to anchor in, reduces the amount of nutrient escaping from the soil, holds water more easily, protects the plant from temperature extremes and captures carbon dioxide, a main contributor to global warming.

You can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions right in your own backyard, simply by creating healthy soil!