Phil & Cheryl are from north western Sydney and have been using Key2 products for the past year or so.

We are only part-time gardeners but do enjoy working in our vegetable garden when we have time. Key2 was introduced to me through a friend, and we are stunned by our results.

We added some to part of our veggie garden with a few bags of cow manure, as the soil was very neglected. We then left to go on holidays for about a month and planted as soon as we go back.
There was a dramatic difference in the growth between the garden beds that had Key2 and the one next to it that didn’t have any except for the cow manure. Our seedlings grew very quickly, and we had two crops from our zucchinis.
Many of our friends are now keen to try it as well. It’s a fantastic way to garden, especially if you are time poor.

Phil & Cheryl Lupton

NW Sydney

CONTROL Without Key 2

RESULT With Key 2