Key 2 is an all-natural soil food that is guaranteed to be 100% natural and chemical free.

Key 2 is not a fertiliser. Unlike a fertiliser, Key 2 won’t harm the soil or any of the natural life that lives in it.

Instead, Key 2 creates a healthy living soil that provides your plants with everything they need to flourish.

If it is not a fertiliser, then what is it?

We all know the benefits of healthy compost and, as gardeners, we either spend lots of money buying the best quality compost we can find, or spend endless hours in creating our own.

The Key 2 Soil Ameliorant makes this process much easier. We have found a way to take what are essentially the best humic substances in the world, remove the water, and turn them into a concentrated powder (Key 2) that is completely bio-available to plants and other living organisms.

So, instead of continually piling tons of fresh compost in your garden, add
Key 2 and repair the soil you already have.